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Oxysavrr™ /InGage Line Oxygen

All Brass High Pressure Inlet Zone

Featuring the INGAGEä Internal Gauge



The Flotec Oxysavrr is a module which fits between the body and flowmeter of any Flotec RW or DL series regulator and flowmeter. The Oxysavrr causes intermittent flow of gas to the user as the patient inhales and exhales. The negative or positive pressure resulting from the user's inspiration or exhalation, acts upon a diaphragm which shifts the on-off valve. A Flotec double lumen cannula should be used with the Oxysavrr for reliable operation. The Flotec Oxysavrr is tidal volume and respiratory rate responsive. The Flotec Ingage Line is a medical gas regulator with a unique pressure gage built into the body with a window showing the cylinder pressure. The INGAGE has a Color coded 0-3000 PSI operating range. The yoke connector has a special 10-micron sintered metal inlet filter and an all-brass construction in the high-pressure zones. The regulator has a single stage, piston type, backpressure compensated, pressure reducing cartridge with an internal relief valve. The "click style" flowmeter module offers 12 flow settings and, unlike the thorpe tube style, will operate in any position or while moving. Available in CGA 870, and 540 inlet and outlet connections with hose barb, DISS check valves or DISS fittings are available. The "modular" design allows the user to customize the regulator so that it will fit almost any need exactly. The unique and distinctive Flotec Dodecagon (12 sided) shape helps prevent confusion with other brands, prevents the regulator from rolling off tabletops, and makes it easier to crack walnuts, kill bugs and drive nails.




Minimun or negative pressure required to shift shuttle valve is 0.25 centimeters of water.

Oxygen savings of 2 to 2.6 times continuous flow.

Unique INGAGE cylinder pressure gage designed to reduce and eliminate all breakage of external gages

Unique Double Window Design with Large High Visibility Night Glow Numbers w/ Color Coding of pressure

Unique Dodecagon (12 sided) shape

Unique All brass High Pressure Inlet Conduit, including the gage assembly

Unique Dome Handle with Diamond Knurling option

Unique Oligodynamic plating on brass with germicidal effect available

Unique 24K Gold plating on brass

Unique Latex and Nickel free

The body can be rotated 360 degrees when Dome-Handle is loose and locks into position when tightened

No Yoke Washer Needed! New permanent O-Ring design eliminates the need for a washer yet still provides a hand tight 3000 PSI seal

Heavy Duty Service, Outstanding Impact Resistance

Anti-Blowout Design w/ No Snap Rings

All Brass High Pressure Inlet Conduit

Available in All Brass, All Aluminum, or any combination of Aluminum or Brass Yoke, Aluminum or Brass Body, or Aluminum or Brass Yoke Flowmeter

MRI compatible

Special engraving available

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Patent # 5,785,050 &  6,026,854 & 6,082,396

5 Year Warranty

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