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Esophageal Detection Device (EDD)  



Easy to use
Positube attaches to the endotracheal tube post intubation. Resistance when drawing back on the syringe-type plunger indicates esophageal placement. When properly placed, the rigidity of the trachea allows air flow and creates no resistance when drawing back.

Ergonomic design     Pistol grip design with unique lateral syringe pull promotes better stability and enhanced tube positional control.

Positive Control           

Patented design features finger grips on the proximal end ensuring stability while plunger is pulled. Unique 90 degree detachable elbow allows for lateral pull verses vertical preventing in-line tube movement or displacement. Fits any standard bag valve mask.

Large Pull Ring Accommodates gloved fingers easily

Modular Design

90 degree elbow attachment, while promoting better control and stability also prevents detachment of tube end adapter and allows for more convenient resuscitation bag attachment and positioning


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Esophageal Detection Device

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