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Flotecís new Uni-guard tri-metal plating process is a breakthrough for the Brass Oxygen Regulator industry. The newest of many Flotec firstís is a replacement for Electroless Nickel plating or Chrome plating of brass regulators which improves the sanitary surface conditions of the regulator. This Uni-guard tri-metal plating process combines three metals that are co-deposited at the same time in exact concentrations.

In European clinical tests, it was found that this plating material has an Oligodynamic effect on the surface of instruments and equipment. Surfaces plated with this Uni-guard tri-metal process have a germicidal effect on almost all types of bacterium and germs. The clinical studies have shown that this material performs similar to or even better than silver and copper with respect to itís ability to remain sanitary under extreme situations. Silver and silver alloys with at least 1% silver or copper and copper alloys are the preferred biocidal metals. In particular, copper-tin alloys with approximately 50% by weight tin have proven to be particularly effective as biocidal metals.

With Flotecís Uni-guard tri-metal plating process it takes anywhere from seconds to an hour to completely rid the surface of contaminants, remedying it to be safe for human contact. This process can help prevent the spreading and transmitting of numerous harmful infectious agents.

Flotecís Uni-guard tri-metal plating has a non-allergenic effect unlike other types of metal such as nickel.

Other performance characteristics:

    1. Excellent corrosion resistance (even in harsh environments)
    2. Non-magnetic finish
    3. Low surface friction (approximately 70% of silver)
    4. Superior abrasion resistance
    5. Low internal stress
    6. Ability to plate over existing metals (will not flake off easily)
    7. Excellent deposition qualities and uniformness
    8. Does not discolor when exposed to sulfur, potassium sulfides, etc.
    9. No build-up in oxide layers as is the case with nickel
    10. Resistant to rapid temperature changes without blistering or cracking


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