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Which of Your Regulator Problems Can We Solve?

If you mark any three of the items listed below let Flotec show how to substantially reduce your cost of ownership.

Excessive Repair Budget No Internal Relief Valve
Pressure Gauges Easily Broken Filter not Easily Replaceable
Inaccurate Flows Gravity and Position Sensitive
Low Resistance to Internal Ignition Low Impact Resistance
Flow Settings Unreadable in Low Light Hard to Read Flow Rate Numbers
Inadequate Filtration down to 10mų Special Colors not available
Confusing Flow Settings Canít get Color Coded for Specific gases
Easily Broken Plastic Parts Models for Medical Gases unavailable
Explosively disassembles Pediatric Flows not available
Special Engraving not available No Traceability (no serial #ís)
Germicidal Coating not available Limited Maximum Flows
No knob Style Options Full Flow Ranges not available
Not MRI Compatible Gauge Susceptible to Spikes
No Interchangeability of Modules Canít get Unibody design
Dome-handle unavailable Canít get Gold plated
Soft Seat Yoke Washer Seal unavailable Slow Relief Valve function

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