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QUESTION: Our facility has purchased several Flotec regulators over recent years, how are these regulators affected by the FDA Safety Advisory.

ANSWER: Flotec has never had an incident with any of the almost half a million regulators sold over the years. As a result of the fires in the LSP regulators, Flotec incorporated a safety enhancement into their current line of regulators. This safety design enabled Flotec to insert a brass "lining" in the high-pressure area. This improvement began in January 1998 as inventories depleted with each model we produced. As inventory ran out, we replaced that model with the new brass insert design. Because Flotec manufactures several different designs, some of the slow moving models were not changed until late in the year.

QUESTION: How do I know if my facility has the new brass insert model or not?

ANSWER: Since February of 1999 each Regulator with the Brass Insert has been marked with "BIS". For Regulators you can check by simply removing the brass retainer (the brass piece that holds the washer in place) and look at the bottom of the retainer. If it has a "pressed-in" 20-micron filter, that regulator is the brass insert type. If it has a hole all the way through, it is the original design. On the original design the filter is inside the regulator where the brass retainer is screwed in. Be careful not to remove the inlet filter during this inspection. If replaced with the dirty side facing the inside of the regulator, your regulator will be contaminated.

QUESTION: What are my options based on the FDA recommendations?

ANSWER: Flotec has four options for you.

(1) Our assessment of its safety has not changed. The Flotec regulator is safe for use as an EMS, Hospital or Home Care oxygen regulator. Do not hesitate to continue using or selling any Flotec regulator.

(2) Flotec will modify the upper yoke body portion of your regulator with one that has the brass insert. The cost is $54.00 per regulator. Simply call Customer Service at (317) 273-6960 for an RGA.

(3) We will completely replace the upper yoke body portion (not the low-pressure flowmeter section) with an all-brass upper body. The cost is $80.00 per regulator.

(4) Flotec is experienced in producing its current regulator line in aluminum, brass and stainless steel. The price for a brass regulator begins at approximately $100.00.

Flotec hopes this information has been helpful to you in this time of confusions. Flotec remains the innovative leader in regulators and flowmeters and strives to make the safest products on the market. Please don't hesitate to contact us with any further questions or concerns.